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Benefits of losing weight with Acai Berry Select

Overweight has become a very common issue of our society, and the consequences of this condition are becoming more evident every day. As the percentage of population affected by overweight increases, the incidence of dangerous illnesses like heart diseases or diabetes is also increasing, therefore it is important to adopt measures to combat overweight as soon as it is detected. For a lot of people losing weight is not an easy process, and the biggest problem is not adopting a diet but leaving certain noxious habits which only promote the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the organism.

A myth related to weight loss that is commonly adopted by many people is to remove fat from diet. The body is unable to discriminate between the intentional deprivation of calories (like in the case of a diet) and hunger. When the intake of calories is drastically reduced, the organism reacts with changes as a way of protection through the slowdown of the metabolism and the accumulation of fat (an important source of energy) and the incineration of muscle in order to obtain more energy. At the beginning of a weight loss diet the person loses weight in a spectacular way due to the reduction of calories, however this is achieved due to the loss of water and lean muscle tissue instead of the loss of fat, therefore this solution turns out to be opposite of what is pursued.


But not only harsh diets produce a slow metabolism, they also produce the inevitable “rebound effect” which only makes the person gain more weight than the one that has been already lost. With the rebound you get to recover your initial weight and you will get to gain even more weight in addition, increasing the fat percentage on your organism since your body has consumed muscle to employ it as a source of energy during the period of diet.

It is possible to lose weight and burn the fat that has been stored on the organism by increasing the calories burning and the metabolic rate (this is the speed at which the organism burns combustible on the course of the day, even if you are not making exercise or if you are sleeping) with a precise exercise routine and a good selection of nutrients (which can be ingested on regular intervals). Even without the exercise, by juts having five or six meals every day but of high quality, the metabolism can be increased substantially and in this way it is possible to burn more calories every day.

Acai Berry Select is a natural nutritional supplement which can compliment your daily diet in order to provide the organism the required nutrients while at the same time it helps on fat burning to balance your weight in a natural way. Acai Berry Select formulation is based on the natural properties found on berries of acai, which are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and fiber which make them the perfect aid for weight loss.

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